Completing them will grant better rewards

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Completing them will grant better rewards

Notapor worldofwarcraftlee » Jue Abr 08, 2021 7:10 am

Players will get 3 weekly challenges to Buy Rocket League Credits complete every Wednesday, and those on Rocket Pass Premium will get an additional 3 weekly challenges. The challenges have to be completed during the week they are active, unlike the previous system that lets you complete the previous week’s challenges.

For Season challenges they will take longer to complete and be available for the entire season with some challenges unlocking throughout. Completing them will grant better rewards, and those on Rocket Pass Premium will get to take part in twice as many Season Challenges.

Players can track progression with an upcoming new widget, or through the LOLGA Challenge Menu that also shows you what rewards, you can receive for completing specific challenges. Completed challenges will also allow players to redeem their rewards from this menu, and can include customization items, XP, or new “Drops”.
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